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education. credit is say the appointment create as more hostile environment and they are petitioning for her removal. >> good news of two huge excavators stolen from an east bay construction site. authorities have tracked the vehicles out. officials sent a photo that is one of the two, 15-ton excavators taken from the job site on monday, each worth $120,000. police say a tip led the c.h.p. to a property in byron 20 miles away from the construction site. no arrests have been announced. >> now to leyla gulen and traffic because there is a big problem in berkeley. >> this is. here is the backup at the split from richmond, backups from buchanan, bumper to bumper and top speed is 13 miles per hour. this is from emeryville camera, c.h.p. is blocking a lane with five-car crash with two lanes blocked and we cleared a lane. one is still blocked off as they wait for a tow truck to arrive. you can see the traffic it is causing and you want to give yourself extra time or avoid it. if you are coming through berkeley, this is what you have to work through. it sounds like it is chilly outside. mike? >> kgo
it was easier on the environment. but then in april, planners changed the route to the west of hanford. they say that was more efficient. but farmers complained about possible damage to their property. so the plan was changed back to what it was before. >> a monster storm stretching from the great lakes to the gulf coast across the nation's mid section continues to cause flooding and severe w wind damage this morning. two men were killed by flooding in central texas. we're up to 14 inches of rain had fallen so far. south of austin, emergency crews are going door to door after a possible tornado his bridge city. in indiana, nearly a hundred people had to be rescued when it roof collapsed in terre haute. >>> the scariest sight is in kansas where this school bus got swept on to its side. the driver was injured, but he managed to call for help right away. rescuers set their ae he emotions aside and used ropes and pulley toes carefully extract all ten students on board plus the driver. they train for it, but still, when kids are hurt, that's a whole different ball game. >> here, it's been totally dry
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2